Different condition need different wheels

Usually we need use different casters and wheels due to different work condition. Here are a few typical cases where special casters wheels are used.

1. Acid grease and corrosive chemicals: Choose PU wheel,Phenolic wheel or PP wheel.
2.High or low temperature: Use temperature resistance polyamide wheel,or iron wheels,need use special temperature resistance lubricant or do not use bearings.
3.Rubber wheels can not accessible to corrosive items.
4.On bread houses or food factory: The trolleys need to be cleaned frequently,then need choose nickel plated,or stainless steel casters.
5.Stainless steel casters used on high cleaning frequency or in humid environment
6.In textile factories,laundries,hair salon and other places,choose the anti-wrapped casters to prevent some filaments, wires, fragments and other items from being wrapped around the casters.
7.For office supplies,heavy equipment such as copiers,CNC machine which require lower height, choose low profile casters wheels.
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