Proper installation of the casters can make handling and moving the equipment much easier, but different caster mounting combinations can have different effects on the mobile performance of the equipment. Now Rinyuexin caster wheels provides the following common installation methods. Related features are introduced.

1. Install 3 casters, all for the swivel caster wheels
The installation of 3 swivel wheels is suitable for the handling of drums or small equipment. The good maneuverability is better than the 4-wheel installation with the same specifications.
2.Install 3 casters, 1 of swivel caster wheel and 2 rigid caster wheels.
One swivel caster wheel and two fixed wheel mounting combinations are suitable for low center of gravity, short-distance handling of medium-sized equipment, good directional control and economy.
3.Install 4 casters, 2 swivel caster wheels and 2 rigid caster wheels.
The combination of 2 swivel wheels and 2 rigid wheels is a conventional assembly method. The two rear orientations are two swivel castors wheels which close to the handrails, which are suitable for long-distance transportation of heavy equipment, and are economical and durable.
4. Install 4 casters, all are fixed caster wheels
The four fixed wheels feature a diamond layout for long straight-line handling of heavy equipment and are not available for sloped work surfaces.
5. Install 4 casters, 2 fixed wheels, 2 swivel casters with brake
Two swivel casters with brake and two fixed casters are installed. The front are two rigid wheels and the two near the handrails are braked swivel caster wheels. This assembly is suitable for long and short distances and sloped roads.
6. Install 4 casters, all for swivel caster wheels
The four swivel castors mounting methods are suitable for the transfer of heavy equipment, have excellent directionality, and are often used in factory workshops, or hospital beds, or medical carts.
7. Install 6 casters, 4 swivel caster wheels, 2 fixed wheels
4 swivel wheels and 2 rigid wheels are suitable for long-distance handling of heavy equipment, good controllability for horizontal contact surfaces.
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