Precision Ball Bearings

Our most popular bearings are best suited for applications that require rolling ease, but where side thrust isn’t a critical factor. Pre-lubricated and sealed at the factory, they reduce maintenance costs because greasing isn’t needed. Double-sealed precision ball bearings feature steel-reinforced rubber seals securely fastened to a groove on the ring of both sides of the bearing.

Precision bearings now replace straight roller bearings in the majority of our wheels, and can be provided optionally on our other wheel types. Depending on the wheel type and application, we’ll spec the 62 series precision ball bearings with a T-bushing, or a new precision flange-type ball bearing. These new one-piece bearings designed by Hamilton engineers work well for larger wheels.

Shielded Stainless Steel Ball Bearings

These bearings prevent rust and improve rollability in our stainless steel and solid urethane wheels. Can be custom spec’d in various sizes and configurations – including flanged, sealed square bores, extended inner raceways, and wide inner raceways with self-locking collars.

Precision Tapered Bearings

Recommended for heavy duty and power-towed applications, tapered bearings handle the most severe downward and side forces. Used in various wheels and swivel assemblies, they come in pairs – one on each hub side. Each consists of a cup (hardened and ground outer raceway) and cone (roller assembly). They extend overall wheel hub length by about ¼ of an inch.

Precision Tapered Roller Bearing Seals


Available with most casters and wheels that offer 3/4″, 1″ or 1-1/4″ tapered bearings. Commonly features a snap-on steel case with a rubber lip securely clamped between the cone back face and shaft shoulder. The lip prevents dirt and debris from entering the bearing cavity (suffix –DS). For certain 1w” and larger tapered bearings, Hamilton provides a rubber seal and space (suffix –CRS).

Straight or Needle Roller Bearings

Traditional anti-friction bearing for industrial equipment. Features a cage-type roller assembly. Outer raceway may be separated or integrated.

Plastic Bearings

For environments detrimental to metal bearings, acetyl resin bearings offer chemical and corrosion resistance. Delrin® is standard in certain wheels, as either a sleeve or flange type bearing. Plastic bearings can be custom machined and installed in most other Hamilton wheels. Note: flange type bearings extend actual hub length of wheel by about 3/16 of an inch.

Oilless Sleeve Bearings

A sleeve, usually of sintered iron or oil-impregnated bronze, is press-fit into the wheel bore. While these bearings lack the rolling ease that anti-friction bearings provide, they are practical for light loads or applications where re-lubrication is a problem. (A light application of oil or graphite improves rollability and extends bearing life.)

Special or Custom Bearings

While standard bearings can handle most applications, some jobs may require bearings with special features, or a custom-engineered solution. For example, alloy bronze and ferrous alloy bearings withstand high heat. Teflon®-impregnated bronze bearings are self lubricating and roll in harsh environments. Roller clutch bearings allow a wheel to roll in only one direction and square bearings allow wheels to roll on a square shaft.