Stainless steel casters bracket features:

It is made of 304 stainless steel plate and stainless steel double bead plate structure. It has strong rust and corrosion resistance (suitable for humid environment) and 100% washable.
The polished bracket surface maintains long-term brightness. Suitable for food processing and catering and medical industries
The bracket strength is enhanced after use stainless steel, the bracket is not easy to be deformed, the driving is more stable, and compare with common material the load capacity is obviously improved.
Stainless steel material enhances the gloss of the product and makes the product more beautiful.
Due to higher cost of material raw material,and relatively small amount demand on market
, resulting in fewer factories produce stainless casters, that’s cause stainless steel price price much higher than regular casters
We are now focusing on the production of various stainless steel casters, we can provide high quality stainless steel casters at a lower average market price
According to the wheel material is divided into: stainless steel nylon casters, stainless steel PU casters, stainless steel TPR casters,Full stainless steel wheel casters
According to load capacity it’s divided into light, medium and heavy duty stainless steel casters.
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