Casters are just a general name, depending on the work condition, it can be divided into many types, such as furniture casters, industrial casters, and medical casters. Today we will introduce the characteristics of medical casters.

     First of all, medical casters are generally used in clean, quiet environments such as hospitals, clinics, and laboratories. This requires it to have a mute function and it cannot leave mark on the floor. Therefore, general medical casters use TPR or TPE as the tread material.And usually adopt silent bearings.
     Secondly, compared to industrial casters, the medical casters profile look more friendly from the visual . For example, the wheels are generally colored in gray. The brackets are usually made of all plastic, stainless steel or chrome plates.They are usually with full plastic brake pedal. This make the wheels and whole medical environment uniform in color. Beside this medical casters need easy to clean and disinfect.
     According to wheel structure It can be divided into twin wheels l medical casters and single wheel medical casters. Mainly using independent total brake or central control brakes, medical casters are usually higher in price than conventional casters. Because it is necessary to use environmentally friendly materials, a higher grade of the surface treatment of the metal processing.
   Riyuexin casters company is a main medical caster wheels manufacturer in china.Which include common medical cart casters, hospital bed casters, and high grade central locking caster wheels.
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