What is Low profile casters?

I believe most of people know trolley casters,because we can see they everywhere like,supermarket trolley,hand trolley, dolly…. but few people recognize low profile castors. Here we introduce some knowledge about low profile casters.

      Although the Low profile casters in only an accessory of euqipmnet,its play a crucial role on the whole equipment,Because low center of gravity casters can sand in a place with high load for long time keep equipment at low height and movable.
      Thus the low profile heavy duty casters is particularly suitable for equipment that does not need move often. When the devices need parked for a long time for some reason but need movable use low center gravity wheels is best choice.
     Different company’s design are not same. But their feature can be summarized as 2 points.
1.Compare common same size casters the its have lower overall height
2.The wheel more wide than regular casters so can load heavy weight (low installation height make equipment more stable)
     Therefor the heavy duty low profile casters are generally known for their heavy load and low installation height. They widely used for mechanical equipment,electric enclosure,refrigerator……

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